Workplace Assessment Tools!

The 101 Best and Brightest Assessment Reports are designed to aid employers in evaluating strengths and weaknesses of their company, HR function, employee engagement levels and assist in identification and elimination of potential areas of concern.

Participating organizations will receive a complimentary basic assessment report providing your company's overall ranking in each category with the nomination/processing fee. 

The results are presented in a detailed, confidential and objective summary.   Additionally, these assessments serves as an excellent strategic planning tool helping leaders determine where to place emphasis.  

Also available for purchase, is a company individualized in-depth comprehensive assessment report that shows actual data for each of the human resource and employee survey questions asked.  This is a vital component in benchmarking and shows where your company stands out as a "Best and Brightest" and where improvements can be made. 


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Basic Report Sample
Comprehensive Employee Assessment Sample
Comprehensive Human Resource & Employee Assesment Sample