Award Nomination Process

Each application is examined by Wellco. The process is reviewed by the Board of Directors and the Event Board of Advisors to ensure all criteria is adhered to. Modern statistical analysis is used to examine each application.

  • Companies are nominated by individuals.
  • The company's wellness Coordinator is required to complete an extensive survey on workplace wellness initiatives.
  • A minimal fee applies to complete the nomination process and survey.   See the fee scale below. 

Each survey is examined statistically for quantitative and qualitative data. All applications are examined on a point system; those receiving the highest points in all categories are selected as the winners.

All winners are further analyzed for Elite recognition. The judges look for unique and creative thought processes with support from senior management and policy makers. Adaptations to various new factors in the marketplace are weighed.  The company that achieves the highest points in each assigned category are selected as the Elite Winners.



Regular, Full-time Employees

Online Fee

Paper Survey Fee

5 to 50



51 to 500



500 up





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