Frequently Asked Questions

Why should an organization participate and what are the benefits?
Companies participating will receive many benefits including year long educational workshops, webinars, handout resources, benchmarking reports and best practice counseling.  Winning companies received a full media campaign and recognition to highlight they are a Best and Brightest employer of choice.

How would my organization participate in the program?

Companies visit the 101 Best and Brightest web page and register/nominate to participate.   After the nomination is accepted, companies are sent the Best and Brightest detailed packet by email.   Companies must provide an employee roster in an Excel-compatible spreadsheet with email address for every employee.  If no emails are provided, employees are surveyed by the traditional paper survey method.  Companies must also complete the Best and Brightest HR Employer Survey administer by The Center for Research & Service and Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT).  This survey is done online or by the traditional paper survey method as well.  Once all the surveys have been returned by the established deadline, the data is sorted and analyzed.  The "101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” list is determined by the points received from the HR Employer Survey and the employee surveys.  Companies are notified via phone, email & letter whether or not they made the list.

Will our company name ever appear anywhere if we do not make the 101 Best and Brightest list?
Participation is strictly confidential.  If you do not make the list, we will not publish that you participated.

What is the cost of participation?
Cost to participate is minimal and the processing fee charge includes handling of the Employee roster, the analysis of your HR Employer Survey, randomly surveying and the analysis of your team members. All participating companies receive a Complimentary Basic Assessment Report.

How many employees will be surveyed?

Regular, Full-time Employees Within the Region Number of Employees Surveyed
1 to 50 All
51 to 200 All
201 to 500 250
501 to 1000 350
1000 and up 500

Are employee surveys available in Spanish?
Yes, employee surveys are in Spanish, Italian and French.


Are employer and employee survey responses confidential?
The 101 Best and Brightest program and its partners are particularly sensitive and committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the employer and employee information.  This applies to materials sent to us for the purpose of review and analysis.  All applications and employee surveys are kept secured, and the data is confidential.  We will never share who completed the survey.


What is the required employee response rate?
A 30-40% response rate is required to get a good data analysis.

Is there a non disclosure available?
There is a non disclosure for the program, please click here for the disclosure.

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